A little about me

My love affair with Rough Collies began in 1989 when I moved into my first home with Mark and he brought his pet Rough Collie bitch Bonnie with him from his family home. Since then we have not been without Rough Collies or Shetland Sheepdogs. After bringing a stunning Blue Merle Rough Collie dog into our home in 2011 I was persuaded by our breeders and now very good friends, (and font of all knowledge relating to all things dog and Rough Collie in particular), Philip and Fern Sargeant ( Coarhabeg kennels) to begin showing my dogs, which I continue to do so.

A little about Ice (Coarhabeg Forget Me Not At Pomnenka)

DOB: 16/01/2013 | Blue Merle Bitch

Ice began showing at 6 months and has continued to do well in the ring. She qualified for Crufts in 2014 which we attended. She was not placed but we enjoyed our first experience of the show I have watched avidly since I was a child. Ice continued showing  and again qualified for Crufts 2015 with a third place in post garduate bitch at Three Counties Championship show and a second in post graduate bitch at Yorkshire Collie club Championship Show. Ice wont be going to Crufts 2015 as she has just had her first litter and will not be back in tip top condition in time.

A little about Diesel (Coarhabeg Stormy Petrel)

DOB: 14/12/2011 | Blue Merle Dog

Diesel has been showing since he was 6 months old, initially he did well but slow development of his coat and his over excitement in his teenage years in the ring slowed his progress and we gave him a break from the ring. Last year we resumed showing and he was placed second in post graduate dog at Three Counties Championship show which qualified him for Crufts 2015.

A Little About Fergie (Pomnenka Where Is The Love)

DOB : 21/06/2016  Tri Colour Bitch

Fergie was the only tri colour in Ice’s second litter of 7 and I couldnt bearf to part with her so she stayed with our pack and is a real character. She loves to play tug of war and run round with her mum and uncle Diesel. She has started her showing career and is getting into the swing of things with a few placings so far.